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We don't make a photograph just with a camera; we bring to the act of photography all the books we have read, the movies we have seen, the music we have heard, the people we have loved. -Ansel Adams
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Let's go surfing photo shooting from today to next weekend.

This year I will try new camera/lens 1,000 mm.
今年將試新相機鏡頭 1,000 mm.

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2014 Vans US Open of Surfing
Jul 26, 2014 –Aug 3, 2014 ; Recurring daily
8:00 AM
The Vans US Open of Surfing is the largest surf competition in the world and brings together top surfers from around the wo... more

The US Open of Surfing is the world's largest surf competition and lifestyle festival. Each summer, over half a million people attend the event over the course of nine fun-filled days. The best surfers in the world compete for one of the largest prize purses in the industry, along with essential points in their bid to become crowned the world's best surfer.

The list of US Open of Surfing champions reads like a list of Who's Who in Surfing. It includes Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Andy Irons, Brett Simpson, Julian Wilson, Alejo Muniz, Sunny Garcia, Stephanie Gilmore, Carissa Moore, and Courtney Conlogue.

In addition to surfing, events in recent years have included skateboarding and BMX competitions, live music, movie premieres, fashion shows, and product demos and samples from your favorite industry brands including Vans, Nike, Hurley, GoPro and more.

The US Open of Surfing typically takes place in late July or early August. Those wishing to attend should make plans in advance, as nearby hotels tend to sell out each year. More information about the US Open of Surfing can be found on their website.

While the US Open of Surfing is certainly Huntington Beach's largest and most well-known surfing event, it is only one of nearly 50 surfing competitions that take place each year. From the Katin Pro/Am to National Scholastic Surfing Association competitions to the City of Huntington Beach's annual Surf Open, hardly a weekend goes by without a pop-up tent on the sand sheltering judges and competitors for that week's event. Because the best waves are often found at the crack of dawn, these events tend to take place early in the morning and can sometimes be gone before you know it. For a list of upcoming surfing events, view the event calendar below.


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