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We don't make a photograph just with a camera; we bring to the act of photography all the books we have read, the movies we have seen, the music we have heard, the people we have loved. -Ansel Adams
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7/7/17攝影講座由Roberto Ysais主講

Roberto Ysais是IPALA的藝術顧問, 在2007年8月他第一次到洛城攝影沙龍(IPALA的前身, 成立於2007年2月14日)演講, 給大家留下很深的印象。他從不花錢請模特兒拍照, 却有很多女人願意請他拍裸體照, 他的裸體孕婦作品曾經在包括上海圖書館的畫廊展覽過。最近他剛從南美州回來, 他要和大家分享他所拍攝由許多美國外科醫生組成的服務團體幫身體畸形的人作手術的作品。
時間: 7/7/17週五晚7:30 – 9:00
地點:天普書原 5930 Temple City Bl. Temple City, CA 91780


(Caring for others)

The application of medical “scientific” knowledge in its

truest form is represented in these photographs. These

images are a visual testament of the real-life drama of

corrective surgery for physical deformities performed on

children. Since these children come from impoverished

backgrounds, they otherwise would not have access to

these procedures.

It is here, on the operating table, that we experience the

greatest expression of our humanity: a compassionate

knowledge that not only changes a child’s physical reality,

but also transforms the child’s quality of life. It is here,

that all theories are left behind, and we must confront our

basic physicality: that we are “body” and some are born

with extreme defects. Yet with gentleness, tools in hand,

and a physical and mental prowess, medical miracles do

come true.
Roberto Ysais Photo 1.jpg
Roberto Ysais Photo 1.jpg [ 533.83 KIB | 被瀏覽 2303 次 ]

Roberto Ysais Photo 2.jpg
Roberto Ysais Photo 2.jpg [ 950.36 KIB | 被瀏覽 2303 次 ]

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